Who am I, and What is the Youth Sports Triad?


Me and my wife Erica

My name is Jeffrey Carroll. I am a high school business teacher, a football and basketball coach, director of the career connect internship program on my campus and sponsor of the Black Student Union. I am in the process of completing my MBA (because obviously I have a lot of free time) and am currently taking a Social Media Marketing course. One of my assignments is to create a blog and track the analytics as well as generate traffic on social networking channels. I appreciate you taking the time to visit my blog, and assisting me in this endeavor.

The reason I chose the topic of building bridges between all the major players in youth sports is due to the fact that my full time #1 job (despite the long job description I provided you earlier) is to be a husband and the dad of three boys and one precious angel, my only daughter. Our children range in age from 13 to 7 and each of them is involved in various sports and activities. As they have grown I feel I have gotten increasingly  better at navigating the troubled waters of youth


This is a typical Saturday for us sporting events all day long!

sports. However, I still have a lot to learn (a fact my wife makes painfully clear as she changes seats to avoid sitting with me in the stands). I am aware of the difficulty of fully understanding who to be as I sit on the sideline…Am I coach, dad, cheerleader, constructive criticizer, heckler? Joking about that last one, but seriously, my personal experience and observations of other parents of youth athletes, has taught me that it is not always easy and I am not alone.


Little man will never be outdone by his older siblings.

I stated earlier I am a coach so I have been on the receiving end of parental criticism, but does that stop me from critiquing every coaching decision made by the young men and women who have graciously volunteered their time to coach my kid?… ummm no. Do I occasionally lose it on a ref or umpire if they miss a call even though it is not the world series of four and under t-ball?… Probably. Have there been times when my words, facial expressions and body language convey to my kid that I am less than impressed…Okay I could do better, I admit. The most concerning to me is the last one. The relationship between my child and myself throughout this process. I want to nurture and build my relationship with my children, not tear it down. I want to build their self-esteem, not destroy it. I want them to know I support them even when they are not the MVP or their team misses the playoffs. I want to use youth sports as a vehicle to teach my children valuable life lessons, but I don’t want it to be the vehicle that drives them off of a cliff. I want to be their champion not their opponent in this matter!


Don’t let the pretty face fool you she’s a beast!

I hope to use this blog to help parents like me have access to resources that will help create a triad between the athlete parent and coach. I want to harness the power of youth sports and use it as a tool to help better the character in my children. Mainly, I will be using this blog for self-help but if I can help others along the way…I am for that as well. Looking forward to this!


3 thoughts on “Who am I, and What is the Youth Sports Triad?

  1. I agree! Youth sports has become such a big deal. When I was younger we just played I don’t remember all the politics all the pressure. I am looking forward to following.


  2. I’ve always said that the time, support, and care that I give my athletes has to be given 100× more towards my own children and their endeavors. There is enough pressure out there from everything and everyone else that our kids don’t need that extra pressure from us as parents. This is a great topic and I am following for sure.


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